Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, also, please read our Terms & Conditions, taking note of the Cancellation Policy.

Are taxes included in the price of the Rental Apartment?

All local taxes are included in the price, unless otherwise stated in the Additional Conditions on each apartment page.

Are the prices per person or per Rental Apartment?

This depends on the apartment. For some apartments the price is the same regardless of the number of people that stay, for others, the price is for a certain number of people, then there is an extra charge for each additional person. If you enter your arrival date, number of people and number of nights, the price will be calculated for you automatically.

How much do I pay to make the booking?

To secure a booking we require a non-refundable deposit to be paid on credit card, the amount can vary from apartment to apartment.

What currency do I pay in?

The currency an apartment is priced in is stated clearly on the Apartment Page and the Booking Form in teh Pricing panel. Other currencies are shown on this website as an approximate guide to aid you in comparing prices. The rates used to convert to different currencies are mid-market rates, updated daily.

How and when do I pay the remaining balance?

The balance is typically payable on arrival. For most Rental Apartments the balance can be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or in cash. For a few apartments you must pay the balance on arrival in CASH only. The options for payment of the balance are specified on the Rental Apartment page and the booking form. Where the balance must be paid in cash, we would like to remind guests, that if you are concerned about travelling with cash, you can typically draw cash at the bank machines from your accounts in your home country, but please check your limits with your bank before you leave.

Is there a security deposit that I have to pay on arrival?

A cash security deposit is an amount of money that is requested in addition to the cost of staying in the Rental Apartment. It is returned on your departure assuming that there has been no damage to the apartment, or no extra cleaning is required. For most Rental Apartments we do not request a security deposit, as, like hotels, the apartment manager will hold your credit card details as security. However for some Rental Apartments in some circumstances you may be required to pay a security deposit, which will be specified in the Additional Booking Conditions on the apartment page and booking form. Please note we also take your passport details, as any hotel would.

How accurate are the availability calendars?

This depends upon the apartment. For some Rental Apartments we have real-time availability, for others the availability is updated over-night, for a few we cannot show online availability at all. The calendars show when an apartment is definitely NOT available, allowing you to then select from Rental Apartments that are more likely to be available for your dates. When you make a booking or reservation request we will double check availability before confirming back to you. You should never assume that an apartment is booked for you until you receive confirmation from us.

What is provided in the apartment?

Bed linen and bath towels are provided in all of our Rental Apartments. Beach towels are not provided. There may be some small supplies of toilet paper, and tea and coffee in the apartment, as a courtesy on your arrival. Please note, due to the logistics of supplying and restocking we do not provide toilet paper for your whole stay. The Rental Apartments are self-catering, and so you will need to buy any supplies of food and toilet paper yourself.

What is the Admin fee?

There is a small administration fee for each booking, regardless of duration. This is a one off payment for the fixed costs of administration for each booking.

Is there an extra charge for cleaning?

There is normally no extra charge for normal cleaning as this is included for most Rental Apartments, where it is not, this is specified the individual apartment page. There may be extra charges if the apartment is left excessively dirty. We expect you to leave the apartment tidy without any excessive dirt.

How secure are my credit card details?

We use the strongest commercially available encryption technology when you send your credit card details to us. These are held in a 24 hour secure site.

How often are the Rental Apartments cleaned?

Your apartment is cleaned before you arrive. Some serviced apartments are cleaned more regularly and this will be detailed in the apartment description.

Where will we get the keys?

Your greeter will give you the keys when they meet you at the pre-arranged check-in time at the apartment or at the apartment building reception. Alternatively you may be asked to go to a central office and then you will be escorted to the apartment. On booking we will send you a confirmation email that contains a detailed check-in procedure for your chosen apartment.

What time can we arrive and depart?

Check-in at the apartment is normally 15:00 or after, and check-out is normally 11:00 or before, pre-arranged at a mutually convenient time. Wherever possible we are flexible with these times and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Who will meet us at the apartment?

You will be met by a greeter, this may be the apartment manager, the owner of the apartment, or a representative of the owner. We will ask you to call your greeter when you arrive at the airport or, if driving, you are about an hour from the apartment. For some apartments, you may have to pick the keys up at an office at a different address to the apartment. If so, this is mentioned on the apartment page. Alternatively, if the building has a reception, you may check-in there.

What happens if something goes wrong whilst I am staying in the apartment?

All of the Rental Apartments are consistently and thoroughly maintained, however, as apartments may contain many appliances, from time to time maintenance issues may occur, for example, a broken washing machine. Initially you should call your greeter if you have any problems with the apartment. If they cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction please call our office number. This is very important as we aim to resolve all issues to your satisfaction whilst you are staying with us. Unfortunately, if you do not draw to our attention an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction we will be unable to help resolve it. We log all issues and aim to ensure that they are resolved to your satisfaction in a timely and efficient manner.

What if there is an emergency?

If you have an emergency that requires our immediate attention, such as a flood or being locked out please call our regular office number as detailed on your confirmation email. All calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Please state that you have an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, and you will be put through to somebody who will try to help.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If, for any reason you need to cancel the booking – please notify us immediately by email, fax or phone. The deposit that you pay is non-refundable. How soon the booking starts dictates any further cancellation fee that may apply. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details and the Additional Booking Conditions on the apartment page.

Why would Loving Apartments cancel my booking?

In exceptional circumstances, possibly only once in a year, we have had to remove an apartment from our portfolio. This may be due to various reasons, such as security, standards, or the apartment building community. It is very rare, and we only do it as a last resort or if we have no choice, as it means we must cancel or reallocate each future booking. Unfortunately it is a reality for all apartment rental businesses. In these circumstances we will always offer a full refund and subject to availability, alternative Rental Apartments.

What if I don’t like the apartment when I arrive?

Please call us immediately. We want everyone to be happy with their chosen apartment. For that reason we provide many photos and an honest, accurate description to ensure that you know what you are booking. There should be no surprises when you arrive. If you have reasonable concerns or doubts about an apartment we will try to deal with them at the apartment or accommodate you elsewhere subject to availability. If you choose not to take the apartment for reasons that we consider to be unreasonable the cancellation policy will apply.

What happens if, when staying at the apartment I lock myself out?

Try to call us, on the office number, or emergency number given to you at check-in. We will try to get to you to let you in. This is subject to a minimum 50 UK Pounds call out charge, or more if it is late at night and we need to have the keys delivered to you by taxi. Do not under any circumstances try to break in or ring the neighbours buzzers (they will not be able to help you, and this will only make them angry). If you are locked out without our phone numbers, then go to an internet cafe and look at our website to get our office number. If this is not possible, as a last resort go to the police who will give you the number of an emergency locksmith, then call us at the first opportunity. If an emergency locksmith does need to be called out because you are locked out, (and that includes occasions where you leave the key in the lock on the inside of the apartment), you will be charged for their services. Also, if you lose the keys, for whatever reason, you will be charged for replacements, so, again, please make sure that you have travel insurance to cover these costs. Please never leave your keys in the lock on the inside of the apartment when you go out. If you do you will not be able to get into the apartment on your return. You will be liable for the locksmith charges.

Can I bring my bicycle?

We are sorry but no large sporting equipment, such as bicycles, canoes, and sledges are allowed in the Rental Apartments, or the building stairwells, or foyers, or balconies or terraces. You may bring skis and snow-boards only if they are in appropriate bags. This may seem like a bizarre question and answer, but we did once have 4 guests each bring a bicycle whilst staying in a very small apartment in an old building. Considerable damage was caused to the stairwells and the apartment, and the building community subsequently prevented us from ever letting out that apartment again.

Can I have tickets sent to the apartment or your office?

I am afraid that we cannot accept tickets sent to our offices or the Rental Apartments. Please arrange to collect tickets from the ticket agent or venue.

Are there extra charges for gas, electricity or water?

There are no additional charges for gas, electricity or water.

Is the roof terrace private?

For the Rental Apartments that have terraces, they can be either shared or private. “Shared” means that the terrace is communal, and typically anyone in the building has access to that terrace. “Private” means that the terrace can only be used by the occupants of the associated apartment – it does NOT necessarily mean that the terrace CANNOT be seen by other people, it does NOT mean that it is NOT overlooked, that is, it COULD be overlooked. Also, for a roof terrace, the roof maybe divided into “private” sections, again this only means that that part of the roof is for the sole use of the occupants of the apartment, and does not mean that the division cannot be seen by another person in another division. Please contact us before booking if you have a specific requirement for a terrace that cannot be overlooked.

Is there a lift?

On our apartment description pages we indicate whether there is a lift in the building, (or if the apartment is on the ground floor). However, please note that even if there is a lift, this does not mean that there are no stairs to climb. Some of the buildings in the old town have had lifts retro-fitted and so there may be some stairs to get to the lift. If you are in a wheel-chair, or have difficulty with more than 10 steps in a staircase, and so require an apartment with easy access, please contact us before hand to ascertain the suitability of the apartment. Also please note that sometimes a lift may break down. When this happens the president of the building community, or the concierge will contact the service company to get the lift repaired as soon as possible. Please also note that in older buildings in the centre of towns, the stairs may often be narrow and steep. If you feel you may have a particular issue with steep steps please contact us before booking to discuss the matter.

What if there are building works?

If we are informed before-hand that there will be building works on the building that you will be staying in, that will disturb your stay, then we will contact you with the options to cancel with a full refund, receive a discount, or, subject to availability, offer alternative Rental Apartments. Please note however, that many of the Rental Apartments that we offer are in private residential buildings, in central locations, and so, if another resident starts work, or a nearby building starts work, they have no obligation to inform us beforehand. There are laws in United Kingdom to prevent works at night, however they are allowed to start very early in the mornings. is constantly undergoing rejuvenation and reformation, and building works are a part of that.

Is the apartment noisy?

This is always a difficult question to answer. Some of the Rental Apartments are quieter than others, for example, if the only windows in the apartment are onto a central quadrangle of a building, then this apartment will generally be quieter than those with windows onto a road. Often those Rental Apartments close to busy streets are double glazed with a/c and so can actually be quite quiet. However, even in a quiet apartment it only takes a neighbour to have a party to create some noise, which, unfortunately is out of our control, as is the case with any apartment company and even hotels. We do request feedback from all of our guests, and if noise is consistently mentioned we will highlight this in the apartment description. Also, presidents of building communities are usually very strict, and react very quickly when neighbours create too much noise, usually by calling the police.

What is the minimum stay?

Normally there is a minimum 3 night booking requirement, but this does vary by apartment. We are happy to consider requests for shorter bookings where availability permits. In high season and at certain other times there may be a 7 night booking requirement. Please check the information for each apartment. There is no maximum booking requirement. Bookings are subject to availability.

Do the Rental Apartments provide wheel-chair access?

Some of our apartments have lift access, but may still have one or more steps to negotiate. Please contact us to discuss your requirements before booking.

Do I have to pay for children?

For some Rental Apartments you do not have to pay for children under the age of 10 on the date of arrival. You do have to pay for children who will be 10 or over on the date of arrival. However please check each apartment’s description page for Additional Booking Conditions.

Do you provide cots and high-chairs?

Yes, subject to availability, we can provide a cot and a high-chair, typically at no extra cost.

Are pets allowed?

We are sorry but pets cannot be accommodated.

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