Here is a step by step guide to enjoying a stay at one of our apartments. (These arrangements may vary slightly depending on the apartment that you choose)

Step 1: Get To The Apartment

On booking we will send you a detailed description of how to get to your chosen apartment . Also, on this website each apartment can be easily located on the map. Alternatively, we may arrange to meet you at a place that is close to the apartment and easier to find, such as a nearby hotel, or famous landmark.

Step 2: Meet Your Greeter

On arriving at the airport, or if driving, when you are about an hour away, we ask you to call your greeter, so that they can be waiting for you at the apartment when you arrive, or on other occasions, your greeter may give you alternative instructions. If there is a reception at the apartment building, they will be expecting you. If your greeter has to make thier way to the apartment , they will always try to be at the apartment before you arrive, however, very rarely, despite thier best efforts, they may be delayed – we will always try to keep you informed if this happens.

Step 3: Inspect The Apartment

Together, you and your greeter will check that everything in the apartment is to your satisfaction. Your greeter will show you how to work any equipment, such as air-conditioning or hi-fi. This is also a good time to ask your greeter or for any recommendations for bars, restaurants or clubs, and the must-see sights.

Step 4: Pay The Balance

If there is a remaining balance you will be asked to pay this to your greeter who will give you a receipt, or you may be asked to sign a credit card slip, to be used on leaving. Details of paying the remainder are given on each Apartment Page.

Step 5: Sign The Agreement

You will sign an agreement that says you are happy with the apartment, will behave in a reasonable way whilst in the apartment, and that you will be liable for any damages if they occur, or extra cleaning charges should the apartment require it. These charges would be taken from the credit card used to secure the booking.

Step 6: Have a Great Time

Celebrate your arrival !…but please remember to respect your neighbours and treat the apartment with due care.

Step 7: Check-Out

Before or during your stay we will have arranged a check-out time typically no later than 11.00am on the morning of your departure. At this time a representative may meet you at the apartment. If so, they will check that you have been satisfied with the apartment, and that you have left the apartment clean and tidy.

Step 8: Feedback

Shortly after you have arrived home we will email you to obtain feedback. This is very important to us, as it aids us in maintaining our high standards of comfort and service.

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