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Apartments for Group City Breaks

Apartments for Group City Breaks

Spacious Apartments for Large Groups

Travelling as a group for your city break is usually all about spending quality time together and collectively experiencing an exciting destination. With many spacious multi-bed apartments accommodating large groups, guests can opt to stay together, and share more kitchens, bathrooms and TV’s between them. This is the cheapest option for groups, with the cost per person significantly decreasing, with the more people you spread it between.

Alternatively, groups who may not be familiar with each other, can take the option of renting individual holiday apartments within the same complex, staying within easy reach of other guests, but retaining their own privacy. Booking a hotel as a group is a lottery of room numbers, and you are not always guaranteed to have a room nearby. On booking multiple holiday apartments within a complex, you are often booking a specific apartment, so you can choose in advance, exactly how close (or far away!) you would like to stay to your fellow travellers.

Dining out each night can be expensive for large groups, not to mention the difficulty of finding restaurants to seat large numbers in one sitting. Choosing a group apartment rental for your city break means you have the kitchen facilities to cook-up your own feast, and the flexibility of dining at your leisure. There’s nothing more cost effective than a group kitty, enabling you to select your own menus and choice of drink, on a budget.

Group holiday apartments are fantastic for family celebrations, corporate trips, stag and hen parties, often located in the heart of the city, and within easy reach of all the action. With popular tourist attractions and nightlife on your apartment doorstep, saves you the time, hassle and expense of travelling around, making sure you maximise the time you have.

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